You Are Worth More. 

I  chose this topic for this weeks blog because of how i notice people get down on themselves because they let the words of others take over them.. And honestly that is very upsetting. The ways that people speak to each other is just absolutely heartbreaking. 
You are worth more than that boy who said you weren’t good enough.. cause girl I can promise you the only thing wrong with that, is he wasn’t good enough for YOU. You are worth more than what those girls whispered about you in the hallway.. You are worth more than the amount of likes you get on the selfie you posted.. You are worth more than what you wear. You are worth more than all of the earthly things that won’t matter in the long run. God made you to be YOU. Be YOURSELF. You see, I’ve struggled with this.. I’ve always looked up to people because I had never really knew who I was. I always looked up to other people for ideas on who I wanted to be and it shouldn’t have ever been that way.. Now that I realize my worth, And that being myself is so much easier.. life is much easier as well.. and that’s why i’m typing this right now so I can help others because I know exactly how it feels.

if you wanna go shop at goodwill? girl go for it, i know they have some cute vintage clothes. You wanna wear a full face of makeup everyday? slay girl… SLAY. You want to wear leggings and a t-shirt everyday? girl i’m all for that!!! 🙌🏼 You are worth more because you are HIS!!!! isn’t that so great?? to just be able to sit back and know that you are a daughter of the truest king??? Gosh just that right there brings a smile to my face. 

We are so undeserving of His love.. we’ve messed up. We’ve sinned. We’ve had our highs and our lows. But that’s exactly why we are worth more than all of those things because God made us to be our unique little selves that he didn’t want anyone else being. He handcrafted us with our every little flaw because out of every living soul on this earth he wanted everyone to be special in their own kind of way. 

That’s amazing y’all…

We are loved but such an amazing Father. He has given us so much worth and so much passion that we should live up to that. Live life as being ourselves & finding our worth. Who cares about what people have to say about you, because like I said, we are children of The Highest King & that overall is more powerful than anything. 

I love you guys, a lot. And I hope y’all get something out of this. You’re worth more. Remember that. 

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