hi everyone!!!!!!! it’s mac here !! i’m so new to this haha!! i’m so excited and ready to be able to share a my life peace by peace each and every week as i do a new blog! 

my followers, my friends, my retweeters, my quoters, all mean the world to me. honestly if it wasn’t for y’all i wouldn’t be doing this. but i thought this could be a way to give some love back! being able to give you guys some advice, love, inspiration, and strength, coming from my point of view. i’ve always been that type of person who loves being there for people. i’ve always loved being able to help people get past whatever is bothering them or whatever is bringing them down.. 

in middle school, i was the person who never had someone to talk to, who was always down and didn’t have many friends. as i came into high school i realized i didn’t need to depend on everyone else for happiness. i had myself, my family, and God. and that’s all that really mattered. The cool thing is, is that now that i’ve found that happiness in MYSELF, i can sprinkle that happiness onto other people & that right there is awesome. it brings so much happiness into my heart when i see people standing back up when something knocks them down. because it’s true, whatever kills you does make you stronger. 

i’m soooo ready for this! im so ready to help y’all out and be there for y’all when needed. it brings so much happiness to my heart that i’m doing this because i know someone out there needs it. i keep saying over and over i’m so excited but i truly am. everyone deserves a friend who will always be there. and that girl for anyone who needs it. because i know how it feels to be alone. i promise i do. so please, if you EVER need to talk about something personal, my numbers in my bio. please text me and let’s talk. i’m always free. i’m here for you.
so for that being said, here’s to new beginnings, to new friends, and a new adventure in life. i love you all. 

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